Camelbak water pack

Useful for hydrating yourself when engaging in rigorous exercise such as cycling, hiking, or competitive dumpster diving. 

Bicycle light

Saw this at a void deck. The light was on when I found it. Wonder who left it there.

Step machine

Gives you shapely calves. I don’t need it because I stay on the 20th storey so I can always just … More


I’ve been looking for one for some time after a freegan mentioned that she would like one if I ever … More

Gym ball x 2

I once found 2 gym balls, but because there were inflated, I could carry only one. I sat on it … More

Yoga mat

I┬áthink it’s a yoga mat. It rolls out to look like this: I have another yoga mat at home, but … More

Dinosaur parts

I bet you can’t guess what this is without looking further down. But when I saw it, I knew immediately what it was. Because I found one similar item last week and chanced across this one while I was trying to identify the first one I found.


What. The. Heck. Is. This? It has a brand name called HulaHoop, but it looks like a Slinky and behaves … More