What is this?

Can you guess what this is? It dropped out of my trolley from another item I took. I picked it … More

Mini rubbish bin

Sometimes you find really cute things like this rubbish bin. I’m going to award this as a prize to the … More


That’s what I thought when I found this next to a rubbish bin. Turned out to be a belt. Kinda … More

Head lamp

Like, literally. You wear it on your head. I use a similar one when I go treasure hunting, except that … More

Wooden pencil

This is so cute! It’s a branch with a hole in the centre. I think it’s called the xylem, if … More

Handphone case

OMG. This is so cute. And so practical too! For those who regularly drop their phones, this case acts as … More

Lottery ticket

“Why do people buy lottery tickets?” I asked my mum one day. “Because people cling to hope,” she replied. “Hope … More

Stamp set

It says: Socialist People’s Libyan Arab I wonder if it’s worth anything.

Night light

My grandma used to use this for her night light. She would place it on the bedside table.  

Handheld massager

“What is this?” said Kira. Very phallic looking handheld massager. I am looking at my late grandparents in a different … More

Telling the time

My grandpa used to work for a shipping company. He was in charge of coordinating the schedules of the various … More

Drink warmers

I’ve been helping my parents to declutter their house. This is a free gift from buying Brands Essence of Chicken. … More