Before there was MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, there was… MacBook. This was found by our freegan founder alongside a … More


You know those huge ass buns that are sold at some bakeries, like at Duke Bakery? My neighbour gave me … More

Flower pots

I found this sitting on top of a power box on the way to my parents’ home. Luckily I had … More

Banana cake

Got this from my other neighbour.  Sometimes people ask me, “How do you get food from your neighbours?” Well, it … More

Duck rice

I forgot to share this on Friday. My elderly neighbour went to the market and bought duck for lunch. Unfortunately, … More


We interrupt this stream of posts with this special supper just provided by my neighbour. It’s 4.30am in the morning … More


Found this hanging on my door as I came back from my hunt. A gift from my neighbour.

Garden shears

Since I started freegan living about 6 months ago, I’ve attracted two particular kinds of people to my life: the … More


Since about a month ago, I’ve been spotting oBikes in my neighbourhood. However, because I am without my mobile phone … More

Tax-free water

This is not my initiative. My elderly neighbours have put out 3 pails to collect rainwater. A smart way to … More


A couple of weeks ago, my domestic cleaner told me about having come into a large quantity of travel shampoo. … More

Corn snack

Whenever my neighbour makes too much of some food, she shares it with the rest of the neighbours. Yum!

Cat food

Freegans are freegan for a variety of reasons. Some care for the environment. Some want to save money. Some want … More

Assam pedas fish

OMG! My generous neighbour just gave me this bowl of assam pedas fish. I’ve been smelling it cooking all morning. What … More