Bread collections

I’ve recently started something new. I’ve started collecting bread from a nearby bakery. I’m not talking 1-2 loaves of bread, … More

Sony PlayStation 3

Lightning says Merry Christmas! And I’m not talking about the thunderstorm we’re having. I organised a Treasure Hunt around my … More

Veggie Hunt #13

Veggie Hunt #13 is the final veggie hunt I’m organising at this location. I’ve brought enough people here enough times … More

Coach handbag

Looks legit. Looks like it could use some cleaning too. I’ll leave that to the lady who wants to get … More

Rubber shoes

These are anti-slip rubber shoes. My companion told me that those who work in kitchens wear these. I can tell … More

Safety boots

These are size 37 (size 6.5 in US measurement) safety boots that are completely brand new. You can tell from … More

Frozen food

This was tonight’s jackpot. I went straight home after finding this. Two friends in these past two weeks separately remarked … More

Veggie Hunt #11

Tonight’s Veggie Hunt was a scary experience. It was scary because of the number of people who turned up. A … More

Women’s shoes

Well, actually you don’t have to be a woman to wear those sports shoes. I put them here instead of … More

Men’s shoes

Two decent sports shoes (one is a Reebok), a pair of sandals, a pair of canvas shoes, and two pairs … More

Veggie Hunt #9

(The ‘C’ gesture is the Climate Sign.) What do communication and new media have to do with veggie hunts? Professor … More

Organic vegetables

A member of our freegan community sent me this tonight. He retrieved these unsold organic vegetables. This is, like, $75 … More

Trolley bags

I found 3 of these brand new trolley bags. They’re still in their plastic wrapping and you have to assemble … More

Fashion magazines

Someone requested for fashion magazines to use at a workshop¬†otherwise I wouldn’t have picked these up. But what astounds me … More

Dry iron

As opposed to wet iron… Maybe as opposed to steam iron, because I’ve found some of those. But this dry … More


All these diapers are unopened. Maybe some kid finally grew up and no longer needed to wear diapers. In which … More

Deep fryer

This isn’t particularly notable, except that it’s one of the more user-friendly deep fryers I’ve seen. Must be Tefal. It’s … More

Philips lamp

This was found in a dumpster near a row of shops. Commercial treasure hunting is always interesting, because of the … More

Veggie Hunt

I was invited to join a discussion group organised by the Foodscape Collective. They connect people who are passionate about … More