I was walking home tonight when I found this juicer. It needs a bit of cleaning, but works fine. Available … More

Porcelain cup

Someone gave me this brand new cup. I have no use for it, but maybe someone will like to have … More


I’m not familiar with Vanguard as a toolbox, only Vanguard ETFs. But it is really nice.

Floor cleaner

In my pre-freegan days, I used to have only one bottle of multipurpose cleaner. It would last me about 6 … More

Metal pot

Just a pot. Nothing special. Except that the inside is cleaner than all of my pots are.

Toaster oven

Today I went dumpster diving with a reporter from a local media outlet. As we were going down the lift, … More

Light bulbs

Someone was doing renovation and threw out all these light bulbs. I don’t know if they work because I don’t … More

Hair curler

Found this at the void deck. The handle cover is slightly broken, but nothing that can’t be held in place … More

Wooden box

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just a beautiful Mooncake box. No mooncakes inside, but the box is lovely. It’s … More

Melamine plates

Normally I don’t take these back with me, but these look to be quite clean and good condition. Someone might … More

Clay pot

If I remember correctly, my mum asked for this. If not, then it’s up for grabs.


I had a dilemma: Should I carry this thing home or not? What if I lug it all the way … More

Hair dryer

This is another one of those appliances that you know is working even before you test it.

Slow cooker

Sometimes when you find a kitchen appliance at the void deck, you know even before you test it that it … More

Cotton wool

This is a whole roll of cotton wool. Not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe compost it?

Dry iron

As opposed to wet iron… Maybe as opposed to steam iron, because I’ve found some of those. But this dry … More

Electric airpot

I have always wondered why this is called an airpot when it is clearly a waterpot. Maybe it’s Malay, where … More


Most woks I find aren’t in as good condition as this one is. I hardly ever find a pristine, unused … More

Deep fryer

This isn’t particularly notable, except that it’s one of the more user-friendly deep fryers I’ve seen. Must be Tefal. It’s … More

Muruku maker

If you’ve ever wondered how to make muruku, you need one of these. You put the muruku dough mixture into this … More

Disposable plates

Normally I don’t bring this home. But I had just come from a Filipina’s home where I learned that Filipinos … More


This is a small version of the type of juicer that fruit stalls in hawker centres use. I love the … More