Good for preparing lunch for your wife, husband, child, and keeping the food warm. Sort of. 

Thermal pot

I was on my way for a meeting yesterday when I saw this at the void deck. I just had … More


Nice working toaster. The tray was somewhat stained, but nothing a little washing liquid and alcohol cleaner can’t improve.


Today I helped my neighbour to declutter her storeroom and kitchen. She’s an elderly lady, so she doesn’t have the … More

Laundry basket

OMG. I don’t know what this thing is called. I’m just going to call it a laundry basket because that’s … More

Quilt cover

Someone requested for bedsheets and blankets. This should do. Even at home, I use a quilt cover as a blanket. … More


I found this fan at my void deck. I was hesitant to bring it home because the fans I find … More


Awesome! I’ve been looking for these! My mum found a kitchen hack online a few weeks ago and I’ve been … More


I saw a stretch along the park connector parallel to Haig Road, where residents made their own community gardens. They … More


What’s a treasure hunt without some umbrellas? I love the super big one!


When we attended the Singapore Really Really Free Market event last week, we brought along a garment rack and a … More

Chef’s pan

The fun part about treasure hunting and then blogging about it is that you get to learn the names of … More

Glass tupperware

Although Tupperware is specifically used for a particular type of… tupperware, you know a product has become a household name … More

Shoe polish

The supermarket red bird Kiwi senior polish (black) leather polishing wax 30g Tmall.com leather shoe care supermarket, to buy the … More

Light bulb

I’m not even going to test this one because you know with 99% certainty that it works.

Dishwashing rack

Can also be used in the bathroom for the many bottles of shampoo, body wash, hair conditioner that we collect.

Table lamp

A nice warm little table lamp for the bedroom. Useful for preparing the mind for sleep.


I have found so many of these that I no longer know what to write about.

Garment rack

My elderly neighbour had a bad fall yesterday afternoon. I was out, so was not able to help her up. … More

Toaster oven

Very often, just by the circumstances and location where an item is found, you can already guess whether or not … More