Hair curler

Found this at the void deck. The handle cover is slightly broken, but nothing that can’t be held in place … More

Wooden box

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just a beautiful Mooncake box. No mooncakes inside, but the box is lovely. It’s … More

Melamine plates

Normally I don’t take these back with me, but these look to be quite clean and good condition. Someone might … More

Clay pot

If I remember correctly, my mum asked for this. If not, then it’s up for grabs.


I had a dilemma: Should I carry this thing home or not? What if I lug it all the way … More

Hair dryer

This is another one of those appliances that you know is working even before you test it.

Slow cooker

Sometimes when you find a kitchen appliance at the void deck, you know even before you test it that it … More

Cotton wool

This is a whole roll of cotton wool. Not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe compost it?

Dry iron

As opposed to wet iron… Maybe as opposed to steam iron, because I’ve found some of those. But this dry … More

Electric airpot

I have always wondered why this is called an airpot when it is clearly a waterpot. Maybe it’s Malay, where … More


Most woks I find aren’t in as good condition as this one is. I hardly ever find a pristine, unused … More

Deep fryer

This isn’t particularly notable, except that it’s one of the more user-friendly deep fryers I’ve seen. Must be Tefal. It’s … More

Muruku maker

If you’ve ever wondered how to make muruku, you need one of these. You put the muruku dough mixture into this … More

Disposable plates

Normally I don’t bring this home. But I had just come from a Filipina’s home where I learned that Filipinos … More


This is a small version of the type of juicer that fruit stalls in hawker centres use. I love the … More

Toaster oven

It’s always amazing to find working kitchen appliances just carelessly thrown out like that.

Sandwich maker

Great for making sardine or luncheon meat sandwiches. My grandma used to make them for me when I was a … More

Plates and bowls

A bunch of miscellaneous plates and bowls I couldn’t organise into the other categories.  The most interesting ones are the … More

Food warmer

The lid has a small crack, but it can still keep warm an individual’s food portion. 

Glass bowls

Loads of glass bowls, some of which are actually crystal. 13 of them in this photo.