Light soya sauce

Jackpot! Light soya sauce, along with cooking oil, is notoriously difficult to find. I’m always overjoyed whenever I find a … More


At the same void deck, I found 17 oranges in a large red plastic bag hanging from a pipe.  “What … More

Instant noodles

Oh look! Yet another packet of instant noodles. Expired, but you already know that expiry dates do not indicate whether … More

Instant noodles

Instant noodles are also awesome. I received 10 packets just this week, so here’s 8 more, for those late night … More

Tinned food

When you have chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure, there’s lots of food you can’t eat. So … More


Yay! I love it when neighbours discard their stockpile of snacks. 

Instant noodles

Yummy! I’ve just about run out of instant noodles. Can’t wait to give these a go. I realise that freegan … More

Loaf of bread

Found this next to the Cheezels. I had it for lunch and dinner today, dipped in olive oil and herbs … More


Just two nights ago, my wife and I had this craving for Cheezels. She wanted me to go down to … More

Protein powder

Normally these that I find are empty. Not this one: It’s about half full. I also hesitate to categorise this … More

French fries

I was waiting for my wife to arrive for dinner. I was hungry so I wandered through Burger King and … More

Duck rice

I forgot to share this on Friday. My elderly neighbour went to the market and bought duck for lunch. Unfortunately, … More


We interrupt this stream of posts with this special supper just provided by my neighbour. It’s 4.30am in the morning … More


Found this hanging on my door as I came back from my hunt. A gift from my neighbour.


Monijuice is a mixed fruit beverage containing acai berry, white grape, apple, acerola, pear puree, aronia, purple grape, cranberry, passion … More


My nose is kind of blocked, so I can’t smell if these cookies are fine. I’ll pop them into the … More

Freegan meals

Ever since I came back from my freegan holiday, I feel I’ve leveled up my freegan skills. Prior to the … More


How do you find so many oranges? Just find loh. They are just hanging around.