Foraging tour

Recently in the news, a Bangladeshi was fined $2,000 for plucking the leaves from a plant in the Botanic Gardens. … More

Bread collections

I’ve recently started something new. I’ve started collecting bread from a nearby bakery. I’m not talking 1-2 loaves of bread, … More

Kampung Picnic #3

My Sundays never used to be so eventful. Organic Veggie Hunt Last night, a friend and I went for a … More

Packet drinks

I had intended to do two things today: sort out my recent gifts, and dumpster dive. I only achieved one. … More


Found this small packet of rice. It’s unopened, but no expiry date printed on it. Probably a free sample or … More

Instant noodles

This one has an interesting story behind it. I had just finished my usual dumpster diving route and was on … More

Veggie Hunt #13

Veggie Hunt #13 is the final veggie hunt I’m organising at this location. I’ve brought enough people here enough times … More

Wipe You Clean

Last night, my freegan mentor came over to my place to provide his valuable service: Wipe You Clean. He took … More

Frozen food

This was tonight’s jackpot. I went straight home after finding this. Two friends in these past two weeks separately remarked … More

Free Food (expired)

You all know that I eat free food, which comprises mainly leftover food, expired food, and dumpster dived food, right? … More

Veggie Hunt #11

Tonight’s Veggie Hunt was a scary experience. It was scary because of the number of people who turned up. A … More


I found 47 oranges and 3 apples in a plastic bag at the void deck. Whenever I tell people that … More


I really don’t know what to do with these. I already have too much food. But I always seem to … More


The bakery that I go to — or rather the bakery that I go behind — also sells otah-otah. On … More

Baked goods

Today’s haul of bread far exceeds the usual pickings. My normal bakery threw out a whole lot more bread than usual. … More

Veggie Hunt #9

(The ‘C’ gesture is the Climate Sign.) What do communication and new media have to do with veggie hunts? Professor … More

Sacha inchi seed

Sacha inchi seed — also called Plukenetia volubilis, mountain peanut, Inca peanut, sacha peanut.