I really don’t know what to do with these. I already have too much food. But I always seem to … More


The bakery that I go to — or rather the bakery that I go behind — also sells otah-otah. On … More

Baked goods

Today’s haul of bread¬†far exceeds the usual pickings. My normal bakery threw out a whole lot more bread than usual. … More

Veggie Hunt #9

(The ‘C’ gesture is the Climate Sign.) What do communication and new media have to do with veggie hunts? Professor … More

Sacha inchi seed

Sacha inchi seed — also called¬†Plukenetia volubilis, mountain peanut, Inca peanut, sacha peanut.

Organic vegetables

A member of our freegan community sent me this tonight. He retrieved these unsold organic vegetables. This is, like, $75 … More

Baked goods

Nowadays when I make my rounds, I always make it a point to check out the back of the bakery. … More

Bakery goods

Becoming freegan has changed my interactions with friends. In the past, going out means having a meal at a restaurant … More

Bakery goods

My freegan mentor has been telling me of a bakery near his place that throws away 5kg to 10kg of … More

Veggie Hunt #7

Veggie Hunt #7 was a request made by some volunteers from #itsrainingraincoats. They collect unsold Starbucks food from several outlets … More


Oh, I love this! Perfect to eat when hungry or with my morning coffee. I have a video of my … More

Lemon tea

Even back when I was using money I already had too much tea. Now I have even more! It’s okay, … More

Veggie Hunt #6

Do looks matter? was actually a recce trip for Veggie Hunt #6. But I was so appalled by the food … More

Veggie Hunt #5

Tonight’s Veggie Hunt was done on a Friday, so there wasn’t that much to rescue. We managed to salvage only … More

Do looks matter?

A friend and I went to explore Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre today. The amount of food waste that goes on … More