I don’t drink beer, but this would be a notable find. Beer and wine always is.

Instant noodles

Why is this a notable find? Because apparently, this kind of cup noodles cost a bit more than usual. So … More

Veggie Hunt

I was invited to join a discussion group organised by the Foodscape Collective. They connect people who are passionate about … More


Yesterday, I was out with my parents for dinner. We found an unopened bottle of wine sitting on a bench … More

Fresh produce

You see all these dumpster divers in America who find huge dumpsters full of produce and you wonder, is this … More

Soft drinks

This isn’t my find. It’s my mentor’s. He found 120 cans of soft drinks and dunno how many bottles of … More

Cold beer

I haven’t been posting much this week. It’s not because I’ve not found much, but because I’ve found too much.  … More


This is the first time I have seen a packaged food product with a “best after” date. Sipahh seems to … More


This reminds me of a banner I once saw flying at the top of the Tai Pei Buddhist Centre. It … More


This one lagi best. Not even opened. The scotch tape still sealing it shut. The thing about freegan living is that … More


Organic kiwi some more. I found this in a plastic bag next to a bin. There was a carton of … More


You know those huge ass buns that are sold at some bakeries, like at Duke Bakery? My neighbour gave me … More


We have mee sua, yellow noodles, and bee hoon. All are not expired yet. Found at a void deck.

Cooking oil

Along with light soya sauce, cooking oil is the other condiment that is hard to find, because it’s well used. … More


One of my neighbours had a party of some kind. They bought 4 of these 825g Nutella bottles and made … More

Banana cake

Got this from my other neighbour.  Sometimes people ask me, “How do you get food from your neighbours?” Well, it … More

Light soya sauce

Jackpot! Light soya sauce, along with cooking oil, is notoriously difficult to find. I’m always overjoyed whenever I find a … More


At the same void deck, I found 17 oranges in a large red plastic bag hanging from a pipe.  “What … More