Unknown item

I truly do not know what this is. But I categorically state that I have not emphatically shaken this bottle … More


Organic kiwi some more. I found this in a plastic bag next to a bin. There was a carton of … More

Travel cot

I found this today beside a rubbish bin at the void deck: It was heavy, and I wasn’t sure it … More

Foot massager water bath

You can pour warm water into this and soak your aching feet. There are settings for massage and bubbles. 


Nice working toaster. The tray was somewhat stained, but nothing a little washing liquid and alcohol cleaner can’t improve.

Aluminium tray

I brought this home for a very specific reason. I’ve been contemplating living completely without money, and I realise that … More


“I find a lot of mice when I go dumpster diving,” said my freegan mentor. “Eeeeee!” shrieked someone. “Computer mice … More

SBO & helmet

Rino should know not to dispose of his SAF-issued items at the void deck. He should have returned them to … More


Ahahahahaha! I don’t think we will need to sew those floor mats for the Singapore Really Really Free Market anymore. … More


Rucksack, haversack, backpack. Why can’t we all just call them the same thing. Oh, here’s another.

Optical mouse

“We find a lot of mice in the treasure chests,” said my freegan mentor. “Eeeee!” shrieked a first-time treasure hunter. … More

Black eyed peas

Safed chaula (or chola) are black-eyed peas that are used in Indian cuisine. I must say, today’s finds are quite … More