Sony PlayStation 3

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Logitech keyboard

Logitech is another good brand. I like their products. This one has been tested and is in working condition. I’ll … More

iPad cover

Many non-freegans make the mistake of assuming that people throw away only things that are old, spoilt, or not working. … More

Wireless mouse

A couple of days, one of our Freegan members requested for a wireless mouse. Today I found one.


“I find a lot of mice when I go dumpster diving,” said my freegan mentor. “Eeeeee!” shrieked someone. “Computer mice … More

HDMI cable

People keep telling me to keep these because they’re expensive. I don’t really have a use for it.


This one is a Dell. It also doesn’t work, and is also a bit wet. Not sure what to do … More


This is an Asus: Sadly it doesn’t work. The charging cable works though. I’m going to try to sell it … More

Optical mouse

“We find a lot of mice in the treasure chests,” said my freegan mentor. “Eeeee!” shrieked a first-time treasure hunter. … More


These cables are not easy to come by in my neighbourhood. Why do I say that? Because this is my … More