I was seeing a friend to the MRT station nearby, then on my way home I found a few goodies.


I got 8 bars of soap today from my neighbour. Each bar typically lasts me a month so this will … More

Baby powder

Unopened bottle of Johnson’s baby powder. If diamond powder is made from industrial grade diamonds, what is baby powder made … More

Essential oil

I would have just thrown this away had I not been recently educated last week about essential oils. I still … More


Depending on your outlook in life, this could be half full or half empty. To me, it’s 100% free.

Shower gel

This is from my parents’ recent holiday. They collected it for me because they know I want it. Yes, I … More

Skin therapy oil

Why so many types of oil?¬†Oil is oil. You either use it for cooking or slathering. Not cooking in this … More

Face & body gel

Most beauty products are a complete waste of money. They are designed to break the purses of dozens of women … More

Body lotion

Ahahahahaha! This one. I took a long time to figure out how to pump the lotion out. Turns out, there … More

Sunscreen spray

I’m not sure how this works. It says SPF which means it’s a sunscreen, but it also says ‘cooling mist’.

Whitening cream?

I don’t know what this is. I failed Mandarin in school. I’m guessing it’s whitening cream, but can also be … More

Shower cream

I don’t normally find this. It’s normally shampoo or condition or body lotion.

Nail polish

More of them. Not in any package this time.. unless you consider a trash bag as a package.

Nail polish

I found this thing today. What is it? Mani? Manicure? What does that have to do with calendar? So I … More