Filter mask

Some clinic threw out 5 boxes of filtered masks. Each box has about 20. I think they threw away because … More

N95 masks

I remember when shops started profiteering by selling these masks at high price during the worst of the haze days.

Ankle brace

This is used when a person breaks their foot. The next time a friend tells me a lame joke, I’m … More

Fish oil

This thing costs $89 on Lazada. You can buy the 200 capsule version for $55 at Guardian. But if you … More

Charcoal pills

I actually found some charcoal pills sometime this week. I was a bit suspicious if they were okay, because the … More

Pei Pa Koa

Awesome! This one hasn’t been expired very long. The expiry date is this month. This beats the 5 we found … More