Branded shoes

There is a rule in treasure hunting. The rule is this: Every night, there is a jackpot waiting for you … More

Men’s jacket

I always wonder why people throw these away just because a button has broken or dropped out. Can’t they just … More


At first, I thought the soles were really thick. But on closer examination, the soles are actually quite thin. But … More


This is a rather large towel, folded in two, because I couldn’t get it to fit into the photo. I … More


If I were to post them one by one, I’d get bored. You’d get bored too. Actually, I got so … More

Pants size 35

Also from the PRC construction worker. I brought this home because I incorrectly remembered my waist size. I thought it … More

Army sandals

This is one of the pairs of footwear I stuffed into the orange storage box. Too small for me. I … More

Red hoodie

Loose and thin material. Probably isn’t meant to be used alone, but as an outer layer.

Giordano t-shirts

There’s actually 7 of them. I found the last one, a blue t-shirt, after taking the photo. I don’t normally … More


I found these 8 brand new shirts in a large plastic bag thrown into a dumpster. The green one in … More