Brown shoes

These brown shoes have some dark brown stains if you look at them really closely. But no one really looks … More

Rubber shoes

These are anti-slip rubber shoes. My companion told me that those who work in kitchens wear these. I can tell … More

Safety boots

These are size 37 (size 6.5 in US measurement) safety boots that are completely brand new. You can tell from … More

Men’s jackets

Found two men’s jackets on the way home today. They were inside a suitcase, but nowadays I don’t take suitcases … More

Women’s shoes

Well, actually you don’t have to be a woman to wear those sports shoes. I put them here instead of … More

Men’s shoes

Two decent sports shoes (one is a Reebok), a pair of sandals, a pair of canvas shoes, and two pairs … More


I haven’t posted much this week because I haven’t been going on my rounds. I spent 3 days recovering from … More


Two pairs of sandals that look the same. Good for big feet. I estimate it’s size 11 or 12.

Evening gown

So beautiful! And so long! Had to hang it on my door to show the full dress. Evening gowns are … More


Oh, this is good. Need to get new underwears and briefs.

Wooden shoes

I’m not sure if these are meant to be decorative souvenirs or if they are actually meant to be worn … More

Skull tie

Normally I wouldn’t take this, but I thought someone might want one for Halloween, which is coming next month.

Fuzzy slippers

This is a brand new pair of fuzzy slippers. It was still in its plastic wrapping when I found it. … More

Women’s shoes

This collection of women’s shoes have some pretty decent brands such as Hush Puppies. Not all were found at the … More

Jenga Jeans

I hit the jackpot last night when I came across 6 black trash bags of clothes piled into a corner … More


Unlike the previous batch, these shoes were not all found at the same place. The front row extreme left shoes … More

Branded shoes

There is a rule in treasure hunting. The rule is this: Every night, there is a jackpot waiting for you … More