Charcoal pills

I actually found some charcoal pills sometime this week. I was a bit suspicious if they were okay, because the … More

Instant noodles

Instant noodles are also awesome. I received 10 packets just this week, so here’s 8 more, for those late night … More

Tinned food

When you have chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure, there’s lots of food you can’t eat. So … More


I got 8 bars of soap today from my neighbour. Each bar typically lasts me a month so this will … More


Today I helped my neighbour to declutter her storeroom and kitchen. She’s an elderly lady, so she doesn’t have the … More


Awesome! I’ve been looking for these! My mum found a kitchen hack online a few weeks ago and I’ve been … More

Instant noodles

Yummy! I’ve just about run out of instant noodles. Can’t wait to give these a go. I realise that freegan … More

Empty containers

I repurpose the empty milk containers as dustbins next to my kitchen sink. The insides rust quite quickly and the … More

Stuffed toy

I don’t normally bring home stuffed toys because they are usually dusty. But this is brand new and from my … More

Shower gel

This is from my parents’ recent holiday. They collected it for me because they know I want it. Yes, I … More

Thermal pot

This is the bigger thermal pot of the two. I remember cooking soup in this several times in the past. … More

Thermal pot

Got this from my mum. She bought a new thermal pot for $50+, while I got two from her for … More

Night light

My grandma used to use this for her night light. She would place it on the bedside table.  

Handheld massager

“What is this?” said Kira. Very phallic looking handheld massager. I am looking at my late grandparents in a different … More

Telling the time

My grandpa used to work for a shipping company. He was in charge of coordinating the schedules of the various … More

Drink warmers

I’ve been helping my parents to declutter their house. This is a free gift from buying Brands Essence of Chicken. … More

Unopened jam

Expires March 2017. For food that has expired, we use 3 tests to determine if it is edible.