Board games

In addition to these two, I still have another set of board games waiting to be given away. These are … More

iPod Nano

Have you ever received or bought a brand new Apple product? Unwrapping the gift is an experience in itself. Much … More

Garmin GPS

The other day when I volunteered at Food Bank, I was doing deliveries. The driver dug out from the glove … More

Porcelain cup

Someone gave me this brand new cup. I have no use for it, but maybe someone will like to have … More

Wipe You Clean

Last night, my freegan mentor came over to my place to provide his valuable service: Wipe You Clean. He took … More

Free Food (expired)

You all know that I eat free food, which comprises mainly leftover food, expired food, and dumpster dived food, right? … More


Two pairs of sandals that look the same. Good for big feet. I estimate it’s size 11 or 12.

N95 masks

I remember when shops started profiteering by selling these masks at high price during the worst of the haze days.


I have no idea what this is, except that it’s some kind of beauty product. I initially thought that they … More

Desigual handbag

You know why this bag was thrown away? Because the ‘S’ in the label is facing the wrong direction. No, … More

Board games

Got this set of board games from a community member. She’s gave me lots of stuff today.


This is a small version of the type of juicer that fruit stalls in hawker centres use. I love the … More

Plates and bowls

A bunch of miscellaneous plates and bowls I couldn’t organise into the other categories.  The most interesting ones are the … More

Food warmer

The lid has a small crack, but it can still keep warm an individual’s food portion. 

Glass bowls

Loads of glass bowls, some of which are actually crystal. 13 of them in this photo. 


I’m helping to clear an old house with decades of stuff. This organ is available for anyone who wants to … More

Charcoal pills

I actually found some charcoal pills sometime this week. I was a bit suspicious if they were okay, because the … More

Instant noodles

Instant noodles are also awesome. I received 10 packets just this week, so here’s 8 more, for those late night … More