Glass fish tank

I remember when my wife bought her first fish tank. These things aren’t cheap. Quite overpriced too, if you ask … More

Toy Honda

Found a cute little toy Honda. Okay, not so little. All the doors can open, including the car boot and … More


Someone asked me to look out for paint for her. I’ve found some earlier, but most had only a bit … More


So cute, this cushion. The other cushion said ‘Pfizer’, so I left it next to the dustbin.

Bottle holders

I found these today at a mini jackpot. Jackpot is what we call a large pile of stuff, usually at … More

Fish tank

I’ve had this wooden drawer garden for about 4 months now. I used NeverWet¬†on the base and sides to repel … More

4-star lamp

Notable finds do not have to be expensive or large. They can be pretty too, such as these lamps. In … More


Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve found that I spend an inordinate amount of time taking photos of each item … More

Office chair

Just found this at the void deck. Wheeling it home now. Saw someone on a Freecycle group looking for a … More

Foldable chair

One of the hazards of being a freegan is that you’re constantly late for appointments because as you’re on your … More

IKEA lamp

This is a good find. My freegan room at the moment lacks sufficient lighting, so I can’t do much inside … More


There are things that we need.  And there are things that we want.  And there are things that we didn’t … More

Office chair

I found this at the void deck last night and rolled it home. It’s a good replacement for the black … More

Potted fern

I think it’s a fern. We found a fern at the void deck beside its pot, which is actually a … More

Foldable IKEA chairs

Ahahahaha! Just yesterday, I broke a second black chair I have at home. Apparently, the manufacturers used cheap glue on … More


Ok, this one comes with a story. Last Thursday, my elderly neighbour had a fall when I wasn’t home to … More

Box footrest

It measures 40cm x 40cm x 35 cm (height), and opens up like this: Pretty neat find.

Home banner

There’s one like this at my home. But this one I found has more crazy and silly in it. I’m … More

Wooden shelf

We found so many things yesterday that I forgot to take photos of some.  My Cleaners mentioned today, “At last … More

Wooden drawer

I’ve been looking for something like this. My wife requested for it. She said it can be used as a … More