iPod Nano

Have you ever received or bought a brand new Apple product? Unwrapping the gift is an experience in itself. Much … More


I didn’t find this tonight, but it was sitting on my dining table because I forgot to test it until … More

Suzuki Ukelele

I found this inside the washing machine box of clothes. It’s a Suzuki ukelele which retails brand new for $159. … More


I found this cool-looking pair of headphones branded Belvedere vodka. One of the cushion padding has dropped off, but it’s … More

Long wooden box

This box used to house a musical instrument, I believe. It says YAMAHA on one corner. It’s a really lovely … More

Clip-on tuner

I’ve had a guitar at home for several years. A lost friend gave it to us when he was homeless … More


I’m helping to clear an old house with decades of stuff. This organ is available for anyone who wants to … More


This is a 4-string guitar, also known as a ukelele. It needs restringing before it can be used. 

Music CDs

Found a number of music CDs, but took just these two because I think someone in the freegan group would … More