Board games

In addition to these two, I still have another set of board games waiting to be given away. These are … More

Fidget Spinner

This would be my second one. This one spins better than the first. Less friction in the ball bearings.

iDrone i6S

So we found a drone. The controller works once you put in the batteries. But I’m not sure how the … More

Board games

Got this set of board games from a community member. She’s gave me lots of stuff today.

Gashapon capsules

I bet you didn’t know that those kinds of vending machines are called gashapon. You learn a lot when you’re … More


Some of these might be collectibles. There’s Batman, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Did you know that in Britain, … More

Stuffed toy

I don’t normally bring home stuffed toys because they are usually dusty. But this is brand new and from my … More

Liar board game

Found this brand new kids game at a void deck today. The covers were taped down, so I couldn’t open … More