Bag straps

Some brand new, some not-so-brand new. This was in a bunch of odd stuff I found.


Oh, this is an amazing haversack. I love it so much! It is black on the outside and hot pink … More

Cosmetic bag

Eh. This bag is not cheap leh. It’s a Country Road cosmetic bag. I thought it was some cheap brand, … More


This one looks like an older generation of SBOs, because its previous owner used black tape. Gentlemen, please do not … More

Outdoor sling bag

I’m a new Outdoor convert. After I used an Outdoor haversack for my last Freegan holiday, I’ve become fond of … More

Smiggle haversack

So I found a Smiggle sling bag and a Smiggle haversack, and an Adidas sling bag and an Adidas haversack.