Freegan Meetup #1

We had our first Freegan Meetup today organised by my freegan mentor and Freegan in Singapore co-founder. It was a … More

Kampung Picnic #3

My Sundays never used to be so eventful. Organic Veggie Hunt Last night, a friend and I went for a … More

Veggie Hunt #13

Veggie Hunt #13 is the final veggie hunt I’m organising at this location. I’ve brought enough people here enough times … More

Veggie Hunt #11

Tonight’s Veggie Hunt was a scary experience. It was scary because of the number of people who turned up. A … More

Veggie Hunt #9

(The ‘C’ gesture is the Climate Sign.) What do communication and new media have to do with veggie hunts? Professor … More

Veggie Hunt #7

Veggie Hunt #7 was a request made by some volunteers from #itsrainingraincoats. They collect unsold Starbucks food from several outlets … More

Veggie Hunt #6

Do looks matter? was actually a recce trip for Veggie Hunt #6. But I was so appalled by the food … More

Veggie Hunt #5

Tonight’s Veggie Hunt was done on a Friday, so there wasn’t that much to rescue. We managed to salvage only … More

Veggie Hunt

I was invited to join a discussion group organised by the Foodscape Collective. They connect people who are passionate about … More

Freegan giveaway

Last night, my co-founder of the Freegan in Singapore community invited me and another freegan to his place to help … More

Freegan Holiday #2

I went for my first freegan holiday 3 weeks ago. I had enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to … More

Freegan Holiday #1

About two weeks ago, I came across two freegans on the internet: Mark Boyle and Daniel Suelo. They live in the … More