Dog stuff

Let’s see, we have dog spray for external use, dog mouthwash, healthy carrot stick with real chicken meat (whut?), poop … More

Storage box

You see? Like in just one day, I’ve found 2 already. Met the quota for the month. I have, like, … More

Storage box

I found this today near a block of flats, around the halfway point of my circuit. I didn’t really want … More


Oh gosh! I have so many spares now! I should stop picking up bathtubs for a couple of months.

Cat litter box

This is an actual cat litter box. I recognise it from the shape, and from the yellow stains caused by … More


Woohoo! Met my bathtub quota for the month. Bathtub quota easier to meet than sales quota.


Yay! First bathtub of the month. I use this as a cat litter tray. Changing the cat litter is the … More

Fish food

I brought this back because one day, one of my cats tore open a packet of fish food and left … More

Cat tunnel

Oh! Another piece of cat furniture! She likes it! I have a freegan cat. When you buy cat toys for … More

Cat food

Freegans are freegan for a variety of reasons. Some care for the environment. Some want to save money. Some want … More

Cat hammock set

I don’t really have space for this at home, but c’mon, can any cat lover resist this when it’s free? … More