Art supplies

My cousin recently posted on Facebook saying that buying craft supplies and actually using them are two separate hobbies. I … More

Red pens

A school teacher must have thrown these away. Only school teachers use so many red pens. The amazing thing is … More


Found a large pencil case containing these. These are the ones that work. 

Foolscap paper

Fool’s cap was originally a watermark printed on a particular size of writing paper in the 17th century.  Y’know, in … More

Poster colours

I’ve finished reading The Moneyless Manifesto by Mark Boyle. In one of the chapters, it teaches you how to make … More

2017 calendar

Sure, it’s almost midway through the year, but hey, it still can be used, thanks to the Uzbekistan Airways. Is … More


Two days ago, I wrote how I would take a notebook with me for every freegan holiday, and not come … More

48 colour pens

Each container of these colour pens cost $5. There’s a price tag on one of them. And every single pen … More


I decided to take a fresh notebook with me for every freegan holiday to jot down my thoughts and experiences. … More

Financial calculator

I was dreaming this morning about taking my CFP (Certified Financial Planner) accreditation. I remember thinking, “I need to get … More


It’s a fairly large notebook. Very good quality exterior and interior.


One of our freegan members requested for this some time ago. Took a while to find them again.

Vanguard cards

Why is it called Vanguard sheet? According to, Vanguard means: noun 1.┬áthe foremost division or the front part of … More

SAF notepad

One of our freegan members told me that she looks out for notepads like these. Vertical ones. Hope she will … More

Pens & pencils

OMG! A whole pencil case of working pens and pencils! I’m starting to have too many of these. But I … More


There’s only one thing better than shopping for stationery. NOT shopping for stationery and just helping yourself to what you … More

Wooden pencil

This is so cute! It’s a branch with a hole in the centre. I think it’s called the xylem, if … More

Art supplies

One of the members of our Freegan community conducts workshops for children and teaches them how to make art. She … More

Art supplies

I know an artist who finds art supplies from the trash around his neighbourhood. He also uses wooden shelves as … More


One of several I found. I can’t believe I used to spend money to buy notebooks at Popular.