Camping tent

If you would like to join the tent community kampung at East Coast Park Area D, then you need this … More


This was the first thing I found last night — the 8th piece of luggage since I started this blog … More


A sturdy luggage that belonged to a PRC construction worker. Found lots of clothes in there as well, including a … More


After my last (and first) freegan holiday, I remarked to a friend how hard it was to sleep outdoors. Literally, … More


Let’s start the evening’s finds with one of my favourite types of finds – luggage! This one is a 4-wheel … More


Who doesn’t love luggage? I was reluctant to give away one of my luggages today, but I thought, what the … More

Folding chair

Got another of these folding chair. This one is better than the previous and it folds to this:

Army duffel bag

When I enlisted, the green army duffel bag I was issued had an NRIC number that went something like S69XXXXXX. … More


Not your standard luggage, this one can be carried or dragged. There are a couple of wheels on one end … More


Yay! Another one. This one has 4 wheels, but is not cabin-sized.


Oh goody! I was running out. This is a carry-on sized luggage by Singapore Airlines.


Yay! I’m donating two luggage I have to Assisi Hospice. Like me, the charity uses luggage to transport items around. … More

3 travel chargers

Brand new ones. They came in small white boxes which I threw away because… they weren’t pink. These even have … More