I was walking home tonight when I found this juicer. It needs a bit of cleaning, but works fine. Available … More

Branded bags

  I found a bunch of branded bags. Before I became freegan, I was completely not brand conscious, and I … More

Packet drinks

I had intended to do two things today: sort out my recent gifts, and dumpster dive. I only achieved one. … More


I’m not familiar with Vanguard as a toolbox, only Vanguard ETFs. But it is really nice.

Brown shoes

These brown shoes have some dark brown stains if you look at them really closely. But no one really looks … More

Floor cleaner

In my pre-freegan days, I used to have only one bottle of multipurpose cleaner. It would last me about 6 … More


Found this small packet of rice. It’s unopened, but no expiry date printed on it. Probably a free sample or … More

Instant noodles

This one has an interesting story behind it. I had just finished my usual dumpster diving route and was on … More


I didn’t find this tonight, but it was sitting on my dining table because I forgot to test it until … More

Toaster oven

Today I went dumpster diving with a reporter from a local media outlet. As we were going down the lift, … More

Plastic straws

I found a whole bunch of clear and coloured plastic straws. If they want it, I will give to PlayMoolah … More

Fidget Spinner

This would be my second one. This one spins better than the first. Less friction in the ball bearings.

Men’s jackets

Found two men’s jackets on the way home today. They were inside a suitcase, but nowadays I don’t take suitcases … More

Light bulbs

Someone was doing renovation and threw out all these light bulbs. I don’t know if they work because I don’t … More


I found 47 oranges and 3 apples in a plastic bag at the void deck. Whenever I tell people that … More


I really don’t know what to do with these. I already have too much food. But I always seem to … More


The bakery that I go to — or rather the bakery that I go behind — also sells otah-otah. On … More

Filter mask

Some clinic threw out 5 boxes of filtered masks. Each box has about 20. I think they threw away because … More

Baked goods

Today’s haul of breadĀ far exceeds the usual pickings. My normal bakery threw out a whole lot more bread than usual. … More