I really don’t know what to do with these. I already have too much food. But I always seem to … More


The bakery that I go to — or rather the bakery that I go behind — also sells otah-otah. On … More

Filter mask

Some clinic threw out 5 boxes of filtered masks. Each box has about 20. I think they threw away because … More

Baked goods

Today’s haul of bread¬†far exceeds the usual pickings. My normal bakery threw out a whole lot more bread than usual. … More

Hair curler

Found this at the void deck. The handle cover is slightly broken, but nothing that can’t be held in place … More

iDrone i6S

So we found a drone. The controller works once you put in the batteries. But I’m not sure how the … More


I haven’t posted much this week because I haven’t been going on my rounds. I spent 3 days recovering from … More

Sacha inchi seed

Sacha inchi seed — also called¬†Plukenetia volubilis, mountain peanut, Inca peanut, sacha peanut.

Cycling shorts

We found a few of this sportswear today. Cycling shorts cost about $35 each. I bought one when I was … More

Evening gown

So beautiful! And so long! Had to hang it on my door to show the full dress. Evening gowns are … More


Oh, this is good. Need to get new underwears and briefs.

Stick-on bra

This is used when wearing strapless dresses, because there’s nothing weirder than wearing a strapless dress with your bra straps … More

Dog stuff

Let’s see, we have dog spray for external use, dog mouthwash, healthy carrot stick with real chicken meat (whut?), poop … More

Glass fish tank

I remember when my wife bought her first fish tank. These things aren’t cheap. Quite overpriced too, if you ask … More

Suzuki Ukelele

I found this inside the washing machine box of clothes. It’s a Suzuki ukelele which retails brand new for $159. … More