Fish tank

I’ve had this wooden drawer garden for about 4 months now. I used NeverWet¬†on the base and sides to repel … More

Branded shoes

There is a rule in treasure hunting. The rule is this: Every night, there is a jackpot waiting for you … More

Clip-on tuner

I’ve had a guitar at home for several years. A lost friend gave it to us when he was homeless … More

Unknown item

I truly do not know what this is. But I categorically state that I have not emphatically shaken this bottle … More


I don’t drink beer, but this would be a notable find. Beer and wine always is.

4-star lamp

Notable finds do not have to be expensive or large. They can be pretty too, such as these lamps. In … More

Instant noodles

Why is this a notable find? Because apparently, this kind of cup noodles cost a bit more than usual. So … More


Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve found that I spend an inordinate amount of time taking photos of each item … More


Yesterday, I was out with my parents for dinner. We found an unopened bottle of wine sitting on a bench … More

HTC Butterfly

I had thought it was not as common, so I didn’t bother to create a category for mobile phones. This … More

Microscope set

When I was a kid, I had a telescope and a microscope. I very much preferred the telescope because I … More

Fish oil

This thing costs $89 on Lazada. You can buy the 200 capsule version for $55 at Guardian. But if you … More

Muruku maker

If you’ve ever wondered how to make muruku, you need one of these. You put the muruku¬†dough mixture into this … More

Soft drinks

This isn’t my find. It’s my mentor’s. He found 120 cans of soft drinks and dunno how many bottles of … More

Camelbak water pack

Useful for hydrating yourself when engaging in rigorous exercise such as cycling, hiking, or competitive dumpster diving. 

iPhone 4

I was beside a dumpster today. I saw a large yellow IKEA plastic bag beside it and I wanted it. … More

Cold beer

I haven’t been posting much this week. It’s not because I’ve not found much, but because I’ve found too much.  … More

Camping tent

If you would like to join the tent community kampung at East Coast Park Area D, then you need this … More

Men’s jacket

I always wonder why people throw these away just because a button has broken or dropped out. Can’t they just … More

Disposable plates

Normally I don’t bring this home. But I had just come from a Filipina’s home where I learned that Filipinos … More