Light soya sauce

Jackpot! Light soya sauce, along with cooking oil, is notoriously difficult to find. I’m always overjoyed whenever I find a … More


Good for preparing lunch for your wife, husband, child, and keeping the food warm. Sort of. 


This is a 4-string guitar, also known as a ukelele. It needs restringing before it can be used. 

Wool jacket

At least I think it is. It’s a Japanese or Taiwanese brand called Itokin. I can’t tell which because the … More

Winter coat

This is pretty awesome. If you’re going to a cold country, this will come in really handy. It’s not heavy … More

IKEA lamp

This is a good find. My freegan room at the moment lacks sufficient lighting, so I can’t do much inside … More


Found these 3 last night which I immediately put to work helping me to lug home the heaps of treasure. 

Step machine

Gives you shapely calves. I don’t need it because I stay on the 20th storey so I can always just … More


There are things that we need.  And there are things that we want.  And there are things that we didn’t … More

Office chair

I found this at the void deck last night and rolled it home. It’s a good replacement for the black … More


At the same void deck, I found 17 oranges in a large red plastic bag hanging from a pipe.  “What … More

Thermal pot

I was on my way for a meeting yesterday when I saw this at the void deck. I just had … More

Music CDs

Found a number of music CDs, but took just these two because I think someone in the freegan group would … More

Foolscap paper

Fool’s cap was originally a watermark printed on a particular size of writing paper in the 17th century.  Y’know, in … More

iPad cover

Many non-freegans make the mistake of assuming that people throw away only things that are old, spoilt, or not working. … More


Found these at a void deck. There were more, but I didn’t bring the horror shows back. 


Nice working toaster. The tray was somewhat stained, but nothing a little washing liquid and alcohol cleaner can’t improve.


I was seeing a friend to the MRT station nearby, then on my way home I found a few goodies.


I’ve been looking for one for some time after a freegan mentioned that she would like one if I ever … More


Oh gosh! I have so many spares now! I should stop picking up bathtubs for a couple of months.


I picked these up because these hangers are the thicker, better quality kind than the flimsy wire type.


Hm. I don’t have a category for this. I shall create one — Jewellery & accessories. Yeah, I don’t normally … More


Some of these might be collectibles. There’s Batman, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Did you know that in Britain, … More