Foraging tour

Recently in the news, a Bangladeshi was fined $2,000 for plucking the leaves from a plant in the Botanic Gardens. … More

Bread collections

I’ve recently started something new. I’ve started collecting bread from a nearby bakery. I’m not talking 1-2 loaves of bread, … More

Sony PlayStation 3

Lightning says Merry Christmas! And I’m not talking about the thunderstorm we’re having. I organised a Treasure Hunt around my … More

Freegan Meetup #1

We had our first Freegan Meetup today organised by my freegan mentor and Freegan in Singapore co-founder. It was a … More


I was walking home tonight when I found this juicer. It needs a bit of cleaning, but works fine. Available … More

Kampung Picnic #3

My Sundays never used to be so eventful. Organic Veggie Hunt Last night, a friend and I went for a … More

Board games

In addition to these two, I still have another set of board games waiting to be given away. These are … More

iPod Nano

Have you ever received or bought a brand new Apple product? Unwrapping the gift is an experience in itself. Much … More

Garmin GPS

The other day when I volunteered at Food Bank, I was doing deliveries. The driver dug out from the glove … More

Branded bags

  I found a bunch of branded bags. Before I became freegan, I was completely not brand conscious, and I … More

Porcelain cup

Someone gave me this brand new cup. I have no use for it, but maybe someone will like to have … More

Packet drinks

I had intended to do two things today: sort out my recent gifts, and dumpster dive. I only achieved one. … More


I’m not familiar with Vanguard as a toolbox, only Vanguard ETFs. But it is really nice.

Brown shoes

These brown shoes have some dark brown stains if you look at them really closely. But no one really looks … More

Floor cleaner

In my pre-freegan days, I used to have only one bottle of multipurpose cleaner. It would last me about 6 … More


Found this small packet of rice. It’s unopened, but no expiry date printed on it. Probably a free sample or … More

Instant noodles

This one has an interesting story behind it. I had just finished my usual dumpster diving route and was on … More