Fish tank

I’ve had this wooden drawer garden for about 4 months now. I used NeverWet on the base and sides to repel water and keep the wood dry. Over the past week, my wooden drawer garden had been leaking, so I thought it would be time to find another wooden drawer to replace it. The trouble was, I had run out of NeverWet.

Then on National Day, my wife reported seeing a large fish tank on her way back from the coffee shop. We headed there with our cargo trolley (found before the creation of this blog) and went in search of it. We found it beside a lift lobby. It still contained quite a bit of water, and the various equipment that normally come with an aquarium — filter, light, some decorations, etc. It was probably used to keep some large fish which had since died.

We emptied the contents and carted the fish tank home. Then, later in the day, I transferred the soil and replanted my solo money plant. It now sits outside my flat waiting for more soil. It will come, I am sure of it.

I’d say a fish tank garden is much nicer than a wooden drawer garden. And fish tanks aren’t that rare around the void decks. I see them often, but because they’re made of glass, I rarely bring one back. Now I know that fish tanks make nice gardens, I will bring back more.


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