Branded shoes

There is a rule in treasure hunting. The rule is this:

Every night, there is a jackpot waiting for you to find. The only question is: Will you find it before giving up?

If you don’t give up, and keep on walking, you are sure to find a jackpot.

When I found this jackpot, it was at a void deck in an extra large plastic bag. I fished out the first pair of shoes. The brand was Timberland (top left), and it was in great condition. Just a little dusty, but nothing a wet cloth won’t remedy.


I opened up the plastic bag and poured out the rest of the shoes. Clarks (top middle and right), Doc Martens (bottom right), and Sperry (bottom middle and left).

I checked the soles and, with the exception of one with a couple of small holes, the rest of the soles looked barely used. In addition, all the soles were sewn on, not glued. I hate shoes with their soles glued on, because they drop out after some time.

But not these six. All of these six pairs of shoes have soles sewn on. They’re gonna last me a looooong time.

Also, I found a shoe repair shop in Pontian that will repair and sew soles onto shoes.


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