Clip-on tuner

I’ve had a guitar at home for several years. A lost friend gave it to us when he was homeless and renting. He didn’t want to have so many things to carry with him each time, so he gave us his first guitar.

I’ve been wanting to throw it away because it just takes up space. My wife keeps telling me that she will learn how to play it, but she needed to tune the guitar first. Being rather tone-deaf, she would not use a tuning fork, and insisted on an electronic tuner.

That was several months ago, before I retired and decided to learn how to play the guitar. So I no longer want to throw it away, but I still didn’t know how to properly tune it.

Until I found this clip-on tuner. Now my wife has no more excuses to not learn how to play it.

I truly laughed out loud when I found this, because I never thought it would be possible to find one, let alone a brand new one.


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