Fresh produce

You see all these dumpster divers in America who find huge dumpsters full of produce and you wonder, is this real? How come I never see dumpsters like that in Singapore? Maybe we’re just not so wasteful. 


It’s because we’re looking in the wrong places. 

A couple of us took a mini-excursion to Little India today, just to look-see and check out the situation there. Here’s what we found. 

Loads of carrots. The brown parts can be easily scraped off. 

Loads of brinjals. 

A huge mess of long beans. 

Countless bittergourds. 

Limes and capsicums. 

Discarded tomatoes. I fished out a handful that were not bruised. These were harder to find in good condition because tomatoes are just so fragile. 

We were ill-prepared. We ran out of both plastic bags and time. We didn’t expect so much food wastage. This was found in just two alleys in just 30 minutes. 

Definitely worth another visit!


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