Hunting with the Master

Since I began a freegan 8 months ago, I’ve only dumpster dived once with my freegan mentor. Last night was the second time we did it together. 

It was awesome!

We started at 10pm and finished at 3am. We must have explored over 50 dumpsters and about that many void decks. 

The stuff we found, OMG. 

I don’t have the photos to show it all. But I do have a handful. 

Above is a fraction of the toiletries we found. 

Above is another fraction of the food we found. 

The food on the round table photo is what I eventually brought home. We found in total about 3x that amount. In one night. 80% of it is not expired or expires in 2018. 

We spent an hour sorting and cleaning our finds. Didn’t take photos because it was too late and would have taken forever to snap individual photos. 


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