Freegan giveaway

Last night, my co-founder of the Freegan in Singapore community invited me and another freegan to his place to help transport gifts to our Filipina contact.

This is an essential part of our freegan operation. If we don’t have an outlet for the stuff we find and receive for free, we will quickly run out of space. It took just two weeks for one man, my co-founder, to amass all these items which filled 3 taxis full.

The majority of it is clothes, but we also had a 6-foot Christmas tree in the black trash bags. The box was just too big to transport in a taxi, so we broke it down into its component pieces.

These items eventually get shipped to the Philippines to a particular rural village where its 2000 residents can and will make good use of every single item we can give them.

In exchange for our manpower services, we were rewarded with a sumptuous meal of Filipino-Chinese cuisine. That was the best chicken curry I ever eaten!


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