Electric kettle

There’s an interesting story behind this kettle. 

I went to test it out and, of course, like most appliances we find, it’s working. Needs a bit of cleaning, but I got a lemon in the fridge that’s just right for the job. 

Just then, my neighbour came back. He’s staying with his aunt and Uncle due to some family issue. He’s been having difficulty finding a job. 

He makes conversation with me. Pointing at my finds which, last night had lots of kitchenware and appliances, he asks, “Did you buy these from a friend?”

“No, I found them,” I say. 

“Found? Where?”

“At the void decks around the neighbourhood,” I say. 

“Got meh? Oh, you bring them back and repair them?”

“No, they’re all working,” I say. 

He can’t believe his ears. “Why people throw away?”

I shrug. “Maybe they bought new one, so they throw away the old one?”

“What do you do with them?”

“Some I sell, some I give away,” I say. 

“The profit margin not very high, right?”

“Well, my cost price is zero. I make a bit, not much, maybe about $100 to $200 a month?” I say. 

“$200 a month?! How?”

I smile. “Everything you see out here, every night, all that is found.”

“Every night you go, sure can find something?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I say. 


“Next time you come with me, I show you.” I say. 



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