Saving the best for last

Today I opened a new bottle of light soya sauce. This condiment is quite hard to find because most households use it, and therefore don’t throw it away. 

I had two unopened bottles in my cupboard. The Giant brand is a cheap sauce purchased (retail price $0.50) with some shopping vouchers I got for free. The Lee Kum Kee Superior Light Soya Sauce (retail price about $3 or $4) was given by my neighbour a few weeks ago. 

I had to choose one. 

My instinctive reaction was to choose the cheap brand and save the best for last. Then I stopped myself. 

I realised that the “Save the best for last” approach stemmed from a scarcity mindset. Whereas an abundance mindset approach is “Savour the best now, because there’s more where that came from”. 

Since freegan living is abundance living, I went for the Lee Kum Kee. Funny how a simple bottle of light soya sauce can trigger such a reflection. 


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