Singapore Really Really Free Market #1

Today Freegan in Singapore attended the Singapore Really Really Free Market for the first time.

HM and AH to organised the event with a little help from me. We brought loads of stuff that we have — from finds, from gifts — to the space at The Deck, with the help of K who provided manpower and transport.

We laid out a silver mat and assembled a garment rack.


Here’s K standing by the garment rack that he and AH helped to set up.
The clothes were provided mainly by AH. 

We gave away 90% of the stuff we brought, so we’re all really happy about it. I’ll just let the rest of the photos speak.

As it is a free market, no exchange was allowed, we were told by the organisers. AH also went on to provide free life coaching service, while HM provided free auric cleansing service.

I’m personally very happy that we were able to give away so much stuff. The event ended with dinner with the organisers, and DS joined us for it as well.


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