This was the first thing I found last night — the 8th piece of luggage since I started this blog in March 2017.

I found it at my void deck. It’s a beautiful suitcase, and it’s quite obvious why its previous owner threw it away.

It is well used and all the wheels have broken off. But the plastic rollers are still there and it’s still good for a few more uses.

The handle has also broken off:


which means you can’t carry it in any way except by grabbing its sides. The nylon string and cable tie are my additions.

Since it was the first item I collected last night, I spent some time figuring out how to make a makeshift handle. What I wanted was a leather or metal cylinder, but I didn’t have one at home. So, using a heated knife, I cut off the top and bottom of the shampoo container that I just finished using.

I threaded some cord through the shampoo container and made this makeshift handle:


I’ll switch it when I find the right materials.

Freegan living is resourceful living. You make stuff with whatever you have on hand. And it’s fun!



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