Garment rack

My elderly neighbour had a bad fall yesterday afternoon. I was out, so was not able to help her up. She wasn’t strong enough to get to her feet, so she called for help. But there was only one other person in, and that was another neighbour’s maid, who wasn’t strong enough to lift the fallen lady. She later told me that she had to crawl all the way back home (about 10 metres).

She was taking down her clothes when she leaned onto her walker at a bad angle and fell. She hangs clothes on a garment rack just like this one (but white in colour). When she doesn’t have enough space on her rack, she hangs the clothes on the corridor railings. It was at the corridor railings where she fell.

Tonight as I did my rounds, I chanced across an almost identical garment rack. There are only two differences:

  • Hers is white, this is grey.
  • Hers has a broken wheel, this one had all four intact.

I happily wheeled the fella all the way home. Only at the food of my block did a wheel break off.

“You gotta be kidding me,” I exclaimed to myself.

Oh well, now it’s even more like hers.

I wiped it down with disinfectant and left it next to her white rack. Hope she likes it when she sees it in the morning!


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