Garden shears

Since I started freegan living about 6 months ago, I’ve attracted two particular kinds of people to my life: the givers and the askers.

The givers are the people who have loads of stuff at home that are in too good condition to throw away. But because they have so much stuff, it clutters up the home, so they are always on the lookout to see who can they give the stuff to.

I’m very grateful to the givers who have passed loads of stuff to me to pass on to others.

The askers are the people who have need of some item, and they often ask me if I have it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I know who has one.

The other day, one of our freegan community members, A, came over to my place and out of the blue, asked if I have something that can be used to prop up her laptop while she works. As it so happened, back when I was making a living from writing a few years ago, my mum gave me a foldable laptop stand which I loved to use, as I could use it to write in bed.

When I changed careers to work in the financial sector, I didn’t have much use for the laptop stand, so most of the time it collected dust in my storeroom.

That was what came to mind when A asked for a prop for her laptop. So I dug out the dusty thing from my storeroom, wiped it down and passed it to A who was so pleased with it. Better it be appreciated and used by someone than to let it collect dust in the storeroom.

Today, I visited A’s place because she had a stool for me. While there, she also gave me a pair of electric garden shears that she no longer uses.


You know who will love using this? My mum, who originally gave me the laptop stand.

This is a classic example of the wealth that is created when we freely give to others, without expectations, which is the life of the freegan. Somehow, somewhere, it comes back to us again.

Thanks, Mum! Thanks, A!


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