End of the process

Although this blog seems dedicated to receiving, sorting and cleaning items, an important part of the freegan process is: What happens to all the stuff we find?

After giving to relatives and immediate neighbours, sharing with the community, and selling on Carousell, we usually still end up with lots of stuff. The rate at which stuff comes in is far faster than the rate at which stuff goes out… kind of like what happens with plastic bags in a normal money-spending household.


Every so often — which is about a month or so — there’s a need to purge the space. We do this by gathering our items at a collection point. This collection point is a contact who has eager recipients overseas, typically the low or no income individuals and/or communities.

We pack the stuff into boxes, bags, and luggages that we get (also for free) and then transport it to the collection point, before it is shipped overseas.

This is today’s collection from my place.

  • 1 big pink luggage
  • 1 black army duffel bag
  • 1 small blue luggage
  • 3 boxes
  • 1 trash bag
  • 2 bags of clothes

It filled up an entire SUV. So happy to be able to meet the needs and wants of the less fortunate. So happy to have an entire empty room ready to be filled up again.


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