Yay! First bathtub of the month.

I use this as a cat litter tray. Changing the cat litter is the most detested household chore my wife and I have. We dread changing it because cat pee is the single most worst smelling substance in the world.

Every time I changed the cat litter, the smell of the pee triggers my asthma, and I spend a number of hours after that wheezing away. I have a recurring thought that the military should just store a whole load of this in a warehouse somewhere and scatter it over any rioting people in future.

Then after they make the arrests, get them to clean up the mess.

So anyway, what does this have to do with the bathtub?

Well, my wife hit upon a brilliant idea the first time I brought two of these back.

“Can we just put the cat litter inside and throw the damn thing away into the dumpster downstairs? You just have to find two of these bathtubs or basins every month.”

So we did. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of the year. That means this is the 9th bathtub/basin I’ve found since the beginning of the year.

It also means that we’ve not had to clean cat litter since the beginning of the year.

Without freegan living, this would be impossible as it costs too much to buy a new bathtub or basin every month.


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