Rolled oats

Found this at a place that I don’t often mention when I go about my rounds. It’s not at a rubbish bin, table, chair or dumpster. But it’s one of the places that people sometimes leave things.

There is a trend of people leaving things out for the needy to take. And when they find out that it is not a needy person who takes it, they get angry.

“You’re not needy, why do you take it?” they say.

But when you see something like a packet of rolled oats lying untouched somewhere, it doesn’t have a note or anything on it that says, “This is for the needy only. If you’re not needy, please don’t take it.”

It’s as though the person expects you to be able to know their intentions without making them known to you.

Some people are strange.

And the funny thing is, if you actually do leave such a note, the needy probably won’t take it because no one thinks that they are needy.

That said, anyone needs rolled oats?


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