Cat food

Freegans are freegan for a variety of reasons. Some care for the environment. Some want to save money. Some want to do charity. Some want to have fun.

I’ve learnt that one of my main motivations is because I’ve been brought up not to waste, especially food. This must explain why many of my posts are about freegan food.

One running theme has been the sheer amount of food I’ve been getting and how best to use it. I tested this out a couple of days ago and it would seem that my cat eats rice.

I mashed some sardines into the white rice and fed it to my cats. They gobbled it up. “They’re stray cats,” said my wife. “They’ll eat anything.”

It’s true. One cat loves to eat bread, biscuits and peanut butter. She will steal ours when we’re not looking.

I am now thinking that:

  1. This will be a great use of the excess rice I have.
  2. This will save me money on cat food.



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