Someone threw away a whole box of unexpired snacks.

People often think that the stuff you find in the trash is expired or rotting food, damaged or old items. It is eye-opening to find that people throw away perfectly good food, brand new items such as bags and shoes.

In the past, it may have been true that people only threw away items that were damaged beyond repair. However, in the present, we have a culture of consumerism. Singapore is so efficient that it is often cheaper, faster, and more convenient to buy something new than to try to repair it. So we throw away the slightly damaged and buy a new one.

Over time, it is no longer damaged items we throw away but old and useable items. After even more time, it is no longer the old and useable items we throw away but last season or out-of-fashion items. Everything must be new and first-hand, bought straight from the store.

As a result, we create so much waste that freegans like us can live very happy and satisfied lives by living off the waste of others. And very often, the things we find in the trash are in better condition than the things we used to have.

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